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Application Notes

  • octoScope solutions for TR-398 testing
    Since the publication of the TR-398 standard, octoScope has received many inquiries about how an octoBox testbed should be configured to support TR-398 testing. In this Application Note we answer that question.
    In February of 2019, the Broadband Forum published “Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing”, otherwise known as TR-398. This is the first work product from the Broadband Forum aimed at addressing the challenges operators face when they deploy Wi-Fi networks. More activity in this area from the Broadband Forum is anticipated.
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  • octoBox Throughput Test Application Note
    Automated test controls the octoBox turn table and RF attenuators to measure throughput of a MIMO link.
    The octoBox throughput testbed supports up to a 4x4 802.11 MIMO link using any width channels, including 160 MHz. Devices in the testbed are completely isolated from one another and from external interference – industry best isolated testbed. The OB-THROUGHPUT software automates the throughput test by programming octoScope’s quadAtten RF attenuators, turn table and IxChariot software. Results are compiled in the CSV format for plotting with a preconfigured Excel template.
  • octoBox Roaming/Handover Test Application Note
    Automated test that uses RF attenuators to create physical layer conditions for roaming; supports Wi-Fi and cellular test networks A stack of 3 octoBoxes can be configured as a roaming testbed with the OB-ROAMING software controlling test traffic and programmable attenuators to create conditions for the roaming events. The same testbed can also be used to measure throughput vs. range.


octoBox Multipath Emulator
July 2018

Test repeatability in the octoBox wireless personal testbed
July 2018


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