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SmallNetBuilder's Wireless Testbed V2small

Wi-Fi Benchmark Testbed

After spending the past year or so with our octoScope-based wireless testbed, I was ready to listen when octoScope suggested upgrading. … The new stack includes octoScope's new quadAtten programmable attenuator module, which replaces the multiple Vaunix Lab Brick attenuators in the old setup. Dual-shielded cables are also used externally, providing better shielding for test environments with a lot of RF activity. download the article

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Wireless Testing ServicesUNH IOL

Like all UNH-IOL consortia, the Wireless LAN Consortium is a collaborative test program that brings together industry leaders to foster quality, interoperable systems.

The UNH-IOL Wireless consortium offers access to octoScope's octoBox and MPE testing equipment. This platform provides channel emulation and attenuation in an isolated testing environment for wireless devices up to four spatial streams, and provides the necessary conditions to attain consistent and repeatable testing results. In conjunction with IxChariot, it is used to perform Range vs. Throughput testing. visit the website