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Wi-Fi 6 and legacy Wi-Fi, Intel AX200 STA chipset, Linux host per STApal for max performance

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octoScope’s Wi-Fi 6 testbeds incorporate RF chambers and instruments controlled by an integrated server with a browser-based UI and a complete API for test automation.

The Pals® function as Wi-Fi 6 traffic endpoints or octoScope’s synchroSniffer® probes for performance testing and expert analysis of Wi-Fi devices and systems.

STApals come stand-alone or built into an octoBox chamber, making that chamber a smartBox. They can also be used with an antenna system for testing in open air or in a walk-in test chamber.

Pal-6 and STApal can both function as traffic endpoints or synchroSniffer probes. Both Pal-6 and STApals come stand-alone or built into an octoBox chamber, making that chamber a smartBox.

Both Pal-6 and STApal support all the Wi-Fi protocols: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax. STApal is an OFDMA capable STA.

Access Point testing

STApals, each in its own Linux host, offer maximum OFDMA performance on each radio.

Because OFDMA testing requires multiple station devices to show the expected airlink efficiency, STApal comes packaged as a set of 4 or 16. The smartBox-STA has 4 STApals while the palBox has 16 plus a Pal-6.

STApal is based on a STA chipset and supports UL and DL OFDMA. It can function as an OFDMA station or as a synchroSniffer probe and report statistics and KPIs (key performance indicators).

STApal Open for use in test house or Walk-in chambers

Use the STApal open in a walk-in isolation chamber or in an open-air test environment, such as a test house.

All the RF connectors for the Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth radios and interference can be directly connected to the antennas. The open antenna subsystem supports all octoScope’s antenna carriers, including high gain antennas and dipole antennas for open air testing.

STApal with dipole antennas

STApal Specifications


STApal Real-Time Radio Status