Wireless personal testbeds


OBS-14 and OBS-15

High Gain MIMO Antenna Arrays (2-6 GHz and 5-10 GHz)

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The octoBox OBS-14 and OBS-15 high gain antenna arrays consist of 4 log-periodic high gain (HG) antenna elements that increase the link budget by about 10 dB vs. dipole antennas for each OTA (over-the-air) connection in the octoBox personal testbed; 20 dB for a link of two OTA-coupled devices, one in each octoBox.

OBS-14 antennas are optimized for 2-6 GHz frequency range. The smaller OBS-15 antennas are optimized for the 5 GHz band. The plastic bracket has spaced detents, allowing you to adjust the position of the antennas as needed for optimum over-the-air coupling

OBS-14_return_loss_full bandwidth OBS-14_return_loss_5-6GHz_band OBS-14_return_loss_2.4GHz_band