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octoFade-module channel modeling logic board

octoFade-module is a fully functional FPGA based channel emulator with digital IQ interfaces.

Formfactor PCIe
IQ interface DDR HSMC Ports A and B
Clock rate: 61.44 MHz
Bit resolution: 16 bits I, 16 bits Q
FPGA resources*
Stratix IV
Logic ALUTs: 97,616 used; 424,960 available (23% used)
memory bits: 7,760,493 MB used; Available 21,233,664 (37% used)
18-bit DSP Blocks: 296 used; Available 1,024 (29% used)
Board memory
0 MB used; 512 MB available
PCI Express Interface x4 PCI Express
4-lane interface to host PC for configuration and verification
octoFade Module

octoFade-module; based on Stratix IV GX FPGA Development Board
Source: http://www.altera.com/literature/manual/rm_sivgx_fpga_dev_board.pdf

octoFade-module can be programmed via PCIe bus and comes complete with a powerful API to configure standards based or custom channel models.

The current release supports all 3GPP models and provides a generic modeling interface for creating custom channel models. We welcome customer inquiries about adding 802.11n/ac models.

octoFade Module System

octoFade-module system

Detailed API specification is available upon request. Please contact sales@octoscope.com.