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octoScope Introduces Industry’s First Stackable Anechoic Chamber

octoBox Stackable reduces test time, enables fast, accurate and repeatable wireless mesh and system testing

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Marlboro, MA – March 22, 2012 - octoScope, Inc., a wireless solutions and services company announced today its new model of anechoic octoBox chambers, octoBox® Stackable. octoBox Stackable enables large scale wireless mesh and system testing in a stand-alone small footprint formfactor without requiring a screen room and with complete isolation of individual radios from one another and from outside interference.

With nearly perfect isolation and damping of reflections in each stackable chamber, octoBox Stackable enables multiple wireless devices to be flexibly interconnected in a variety of topologies and with controlled emulation of wireless channel conditions.

“We have created octoBox Stackable in response to customer demand for a scalable system of chambers supporting major wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, LTE, smart grid wireless sensors, smart meters and other such devices. octoBox Stackable configuration can scale from a single device under test to dozens of devices forming a mesh or a hierarchical network,” said Fanny Mlinarsky, President of octoScope. With a small footprint and mounted on a base with casters, the stack of octoBox chambers can be effortlessly wheeled around the lab to create flexible interconnections without the use of a screen room. With isolation of over 90 dB and reflection suppression of over 20 dB up to 6 GHz, octoBox Stackable chambers form a robust foundation for a wireless testbed, providing stable and repeatable measurements.

octoBox Stackable Applications

As the world becomes more connected, radios are integrated into an increasing variety of devices that interconnect as wireless systems, either hierarchically or as ad hoc mesh networks. Mobile phones and base stations form hierarchical systems. Smart meters can either communicate using hierarchical cellular technologies or using ad hoc mesh network. Wireless mesh networks are also used for backhauling of the emerging small 3G/LTE base stations and in military applications. Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is another emerging market for hierarchical and mesh networks. With radios built into vehicles for applications ranging from emergency breaking and left turn assist to toll booth transactions and entertainment, the ITS industry plans to use both LTE and Wi-Fi based radios. Wireless systems algorithms for forming the network and routing traffic efficiently require system level testing involving multiple radio nodes. Such testing requires interconnecting the radios in flexible topologies, for which the octoBox Stackable solution is optimized. octoBox Stackable architecture offers the highest density of isolation chambers, the best isolation and damping specifications and options, including left and right hinging, internal and external RF module mounting and other such features that make topology configuration easy and effortless.

Pricing and Availability

octoBox Stackable is available now. For unit and quantity pricing information, please contact sales@octoscope.com or +1.978.222.3114

About octoScope

octoScope, Inc. offers RF and wireless technology solutions and consulting services.

For more information, please visit www.octoscope.com or contact sales@octoscope.com, +1-978.222.3114

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