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octoScope Introduces 3 New Personal Testbeds for Accurate Repeatable and Automated Wireless Testing

Test at your desk with the octoBox personal testbeds

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octoScope, the leader in accurate, repeatable and automated wireless testbeds, today extended its unique approach to wireless testing by introducing three new personal testbeds to the octoBox® product line.

The STACK-BENCHTOP, STACK-16 and STACK-SNB personal testbeds, emulating real-life wireless environment, range in size from a desktop/benchtop model to refrigerator-sized testbeds on wheels. The compact size of the octoBox enables wireless test and development engineers to perform fast, comprehensive and repeatable testing in their offices rather than inside large isolation chambers or in test houses.

With the number of wireless devices on today’s networks continuing to multiply, R&D leaders are realizing that testing in walk-in isolation chambers bottlenecks new product releases and dampens productivity. The octoBox personal testbeds enable more comprehensive testing by more engineers in parallel, shortening the test cycle and improving test coverage. The octoBox is a compact alternative to conventional anechoic chambers or screen rooms and can replace a test house for over 80% of typical tests.

All octoBox testbeds support MIMO-OTA (multiple input multiple output over the air) testing, offering the top MIMO throughput and complete isolation from outside interference.

“Our goal in introducing the three new octoBox configurations is to help customers easily select the testbed depending on the tests they need to run,” said Fanny Mlinarsky, president of octoScope. "We have introduced the octoBox in 2013 and over the years have learned to optimize its configurations for the focused test and development teams," she added. "Our customers include wireless operators, equipment and chipset vendors and each customer has teams with different needs."

The three well-defined testbed configurations, each with its own test capabilities, help users select the right solution for their needs, depending on whether they are testing a single device, a mesh network, the latest high order MIMO or 802.11ax technology.

The octoBox personal testbeds include:


Measuring 27 inches wide by 25 inches high by 25 inches deep, STACK-BENCHTOP is compact enough to fit on your desk or lab bench. It performs a comprehensive list of automated tests including MIMO-OTA throughput vs. range, rate adaptation, band steering, roaming, expert monitoring, interference avoidance and packet capture.


The STACK-16 testbed is primarily a throughput testbed optimized to achieve the highest possible MIMO-OTA throughput. To achieve maximum throughput and over-the-air stability for high order MIMO systems capable of up to 8 spatial streams, the STACK-16 testbed with 16 MIMO paths provides a rich MIMO environment.


The STACK-SNB is the most comprehensive of the standard octoBox configurations. This testbed was defined collaboratively by octoScope and SmallNetBuilder.com. It tests MIMO-OTA throughput vs. range and vs. orientation of the device under test, roaming, band steering and the ability of a mesh network to optimize airlink capacity. Mesh and band steering tests demonstrate how well an access point and range extenders maintain airlink efficiency to support demanding applications, such as video and audio over Wi‑Fi.

The Pal®

The Pal is the brains of the octoBox testbed. Like a Swiss army knife, the Pal provides a broad range of important test functions, including throughput testing of access points and client devices, expert analysis, packet capture, traffic and interference generation. The key value of the Pal is that in addition to having a real chipset with the latest full protocol implementation, it can also be configured as an expert test instrument, emulating virtual stations.

Designed to perform a variety of complex tests, these versatile testbeds incorporate other building blocks in the octoScope product line, including the quadAtten® programmable attenuator, iGen® interference generator, MPE2 multipath emulator, and browser based test control software suite with a comprehensive API for extensive test automation.

“The octoBox testbed makes it possible to run through a series of MIMO-OTA throughput and complex mesh tests in hours vs. the days it would take in a real house,” said Tim Higgins, Principal of SmallNetBuilder.com. “It also provides capabilities unavailable in a real house, including highly controllable test network topology, signal levels and motion emulation,” Higgins added.

“The octoBox offers several important advantages over the conventional walk-in isolation chambers. Being a configurable multi-chamber system with built-in instruments, it can run a variety of tests from a simple throughput vs. range test to a complex multi-node system test or a roaming test,” said Craig Shabot, Wireless Consortium Technical and Operations Manager at UNH InterOperability Lab. “Our test services including performance and compliance testing, heavily rely on the octoBox test platform with its test automation capabilities.”

The octoBox Wireless Testbed

octoBox is being used by wireless operators, device manufacturers and chipset vendors to test Wi-Fi, LTE, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. octoBox is an accurate and automated testbed for validating wireless devices and systems. With its complete isolation and consistent controllable test environment in labs around the world, the octoBox solution is highly-praised by its diverse users.

Watch a new video for the details about the octoScope Personal Testbed and its new Pal.

About octoScope

octoScope is the market leader in accurate and repeatable automated wireless testbeds. Our patented technology redefines the accuracy, stability, economics and value of over-the-air wireless testing. octoScope’s product line includes robust solutions for isolation, interference generation and evaluation, client emulation, and essentially all of the elements required to evaluate the behavior and performance of a broad range of wireless devices and systems. octoScope’s headquarters is in Littleton, Massachusetts.

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