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octoScope to Present on New 5G IoT and mmWave Technologies and Test Methods

octoScope CTO addresses how access to testing equipment can smooth the path to 5G

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Littleton, Massachusetts, January 15, 2018 — octoScope, the leader in accurate, repeatable and automated wireless testbeds, today announced the participation of their CTO Leigh Chinitz in the IEEE ComSoc Webinar.

Next generation 5G networks are expected to represent a major change in wireless communications. 5G encompasses a number of different application areas, including enhanced mobile broadband, mission critical services, and the massive Internet of Things. One commonality across these is that they will all contain a lot of new “things”. Estimates are that the IoT requires the ability to support 10-100x the number of devices supported by today’s networks. This leads to many questions, including “who is going to create all these devices,” and “how are they going to work together,” and “how are they going to be tested?”

“We will explore the implications of a dramatic increase in the number of wireless devices and developers on the wireless environment and product testing,” explains CTO of octoScope, Leigh Chinitz “We’ll also discuss the impact on Wi-Fi of the emerging 5G mmWave and IoT technologies, and new test methods needed to validate devices operating on, and roaming among, 5G/4G and Wi-Fi networks.”

The “Moving From Testing the Internet of Thing Towards the Internet of Tested Things” webinar will be held online on January 16, 2018 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (ET); 9:00 AM Pacific Time (PT). Registration for the event is available here.

The octoBox Personal Testbed

The octoBox personal testbed is being used by wireless operators, device manufacturers and chipset vendors to test Wi-Fi, LTE, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies. The octoBox is an accurate and automated testbed for validating wireless devices and systems. With its complete isolation and consistent controllable test environment in labs around the world, the octoBox solution is highly-praised by its diverse users. Watch a new video for the details about the octoScope Personal Testbed and its new Pal.

About octoScope

octoScope is the market leader in accurate and repeatable automated wireless personal testbeds. Our patented technology redefines the accuracy, stability, economics and value of over-the-air wireless testing. octoScope’s product line includes robust solutions for isolation, interference generation and evaluation, client emulation, and essentially all of the elements required to evaluate the behavior and performance of a broad range of wireless devices and systems. octoScope’s headquarters is in Littleton, Massachusetts.

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