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dot11 Labs Adds Over-the-Air Testing with the octoScope® octoBox® Testbed

octoScope’s compact, flexible, repeatable wireless testing helps customers optimize product performance and deliver a high quality Wi-Fi experience

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Littleton, Massachusetts, January 31, 2018 – octoScope® today announced dot11 Labs, a provider of Wi-Fi performance test services, will use its octoBox® personal testbed in their testing services.

dot11 Labs is an independent test lab specializing in Wi-Fi performance testing. In addition to the octoBox test capabilities, dot11 Labs offers open-air 802.11T based automated throughput testing in a large single-family home.

With the addition of the octoBox personal testbed, the lab is providing OTA testing services for retail, enterprise and carrier grade access points and clients. dot11 Labs has partnered with octoScope to offer a SmallNetBuilder.com (SNB) pre-test for customers that would like to baseline and optimize performance in the SNB test environment. The lab will also use the octoBox testbed to provide SNB mesh testing.

“We work with customers who want to optimize the performance of their products and ensure they are providing superior Wi-Fi access” said Craig Smith, president of dot11 Labs. “We frequently run open-air tests and when we see performance that is not expected, we’ve found that reproducing that issue in the octoBox is the best way to confirm the issue is not related to the open-air environment. This saves us time troubleshooting and resolving issues with remote engineering teams and gives us the ability to do the kind in-depth testing necessary for today’s complex wireless systems.”

The octoBox® product line includes the STACK-BENCHTOP, STACK-16 and STACK-SNB personal testbeds, which emulate real-life wireless environments and range in size from a desktop/benchtop model to refrigerator-sized testbeds on wheels. The STACK-SNB that dot11 labs is using, is the most comprehensive of the standard octoBox configurations. The testbed was defined collaboratively by octoScope and SmallNetBuilder.com. It tests throughput vs. range; maximum 4x4 MIMO over-the-air throughput; and the ability of a mesh network to optimize airlink capacity.

“Our octoBox STACK SNB enables testing of MIMO-OTA throughput vs range and orientation, as well as roaming, band steering, and mesh networking,” explains Leigh Chinitz, CTO of octoScope. “The octoBox software interface makes it simple to configure and automate tests and reduces the time it takes to run through a series of tests, even complicated MIMO-OTA throughput and mesh tests. Test engineers can perform fast, comprehensive, and repeatable testing right at their desks.”

About octoScope

octoScope is the market leader in accurate and repeatable automated wireless personal testbeds. Our patented technology redefines the accuracy, stability, economics and value of over-the-air wireless testing. octoScope’s product line includes the octoBox testbeds with robust solutions for isolation, interference generation and evaluation, client emulation, and essentially all the elements required to evaluate the behavior and performance of a broad range of wireless devices and systems. octoScope’s headquarters is in Littleton, Massachusetts. Watch our video for details about the octoScope Personal Testbed and its new Pal.

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