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fieldPal brings the functionality of octoScope’s STApal test instrument into the field. Its capabilities include OFDMA sniffing, multiPerf multipoint to multipoint traffic generation and Tracker field-to-lab captures.

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As a sniffer, fieldPal™ captures legacy 802.11abgnac as well as 802.11ax OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access) packets to Wireshark.

fieldPal also serves as the capture engine for octoScope’s Tracker™ field-to-lab solution.

fieldPal offers insightful visualization of OFDMA performance as well as KPI plots including basic per RU (resource unit) per packet metrics such as RSSI (received signal strength indicator), Nss (number of spatial streams), bandwidth, data rate and MCS (modulation and coding scheme), and others.



  • Field Wi-Fi testing
  • Advanced Wi-Fi analysis
  • Wi-Fi troubleshooting using wireless PCAP captures including OFDMA data packets
  • Field-to-lab replay
  • multiPerf traffic generation for throughput testing


  • Capture OFDMA traces for analysis including data packets
  • Analyze and gain insights of Wi-Fi performance issues
  • Record a walk path in a house or office for replay in the octoBox

Built on the mainstream Wi-Fi chipset used in the octoBox lab testbed and running the same powerful test automation and visualization software, the fieldPal delivers sniffer and multiPerf traffic tool functionality in a laptop form factor.