Wireless personal testbeds


OB-2WAY-SW 1:2 quadSwitch

Dual-pole single throw quad RF switch helps build multi-purpose wireless testbeds with no need for manually moving RF cables for different tests.

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The 1:2 quadSwitch quad single pole doublet throw (SPDT) RF switch module. Conveniently mountable to the side of the octoBox®, the 1:2 quadSwitch module is used for automatically reconfiguring the octoBox wireless personal testbed for a variety of test configurations. This module is completely isolated from the outside interference and optimized for use in octoBox personal testbeds.



The 1:2 quadSwitch is powered and controlled via its Ethernet PoE port and comes with a browser UI (see below) and REST API. You can find the API specifications at the following link: https://octoscope.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PUB/overview.