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The octoBox® iGen™ is an RF-isolated Wi-Fi traffic and interference generator. iGen generates 802.11a/b/g/n/ac or waveform interference, including radar waveforms for DFS (dynamic frequency selection) testing. iGen is used to create realistic interference conditions for testing wireless devices and systems. Traffic generation consists of replaying PCAP capture files produced by a Wireshark or other sniffers.

The captured packets can be replayed with the following configurable settings: MCS (modulation coding scheme), channel frequency, channel width, inter-packet gap or WMM priority.

Interference is generated using a built-in frequency synthesizer and includes frequency hopping and On/Off Keying (OOK) based waveforms. In addition to radar, iGen can generate common sources of interference such as Bluetooth LE, microwave oven, baby monitor, 802.11 FHSS, ZigBee and custom interference waveform.