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quadAtten Programmable Attenuator

Module with 4 programmable RF attenuators individually controllable via USB or Ethernet/PoE * 90 dB range * 0.5 dB step

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octoBox® quadAtten module contains 4 individually programmable RF attenuators. quadAtten offers the best RF isolation on the market, making it suitable for controlled octoBox wireless testbed environment. With its high power handling, quadAtten can be directly connected to an antenna port of a device while maintaining signal linearity.


octoBox quadAtten is an exceptionally well isolated with filtered USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Features & Benefits

octoBox software suite controls attenuators to produce throughput vs. range and throughput vs. range vs. orientation plots


Parameter Specification
Frequency range DC to 7500 MHz
Dynamic range 0 to 90 dB
Insertion Loss <3 GHz: 6 dB typical, 7 dB max 3-7.5 GHz: 9 dB typical, 10 dB max
RF Power 1 dB compression: 30 dBm IP3: 55 dBm
Resolution and accuracy Resolution: +/- 0.5 dB steps Accuracy: +/- 0.6 dB + 6% of value
Isolation between attenuators 80 dB min
RF connectors SMA
Dimensions dimensions
Power Power over Ethernet (PoE), 2W max Power

Attenuator Programming

QuadAttenuatorControl command line parameters

  Example Description
-d -d COM11
-d QuadName
-d QA40516-02
Selects the device to use either the com port, name, IP address, or serial number. If –d is not specified will look for a QuadAtten that is connected via USB.
-c -a 14.5 –c 1 Specifies the channel to set.
-a -a 14.5
-a 14.5 –c 1
Sets the attenuation value. If no channel is specified 1 will set all channels equal to this value.
-i -i Sets the IP address of the device.
-g -g Sets the Gateway address of the device.
-s -s Sets the subnet mask of the device.
-n -n SignalAtten1 Sets a custom name used to help identify and address multiple quadAttens. (Max 20 characters no spaces)
-z -z Returns information settings of the device. (Name, serial, firmware, IP address, subnet, gateway, MAC address, Ch1/2/3/4 settings)

Frequency Charts

quadAtten insertion loss full bandwidth quadAtten insertion loss 5-6GHZ quadAtten insertion loss 2.4 GHZ