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Dual USB Filter

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Dual USB filter module shown here supports USB 2.0.

Filters are key for a small chamber testbed.

When testing in a traditional walk-in chamber, all the equipment comprising the testbed is in the same physical space as the DUT, so cabling such as Ethernet, USB, HDMI, etc. can be directly connected. When testing in a small anechoic chamber such as the octoBox, these cables have to get to the DUT through the walls of the chamber. How to get these cables through without breaching the isolation of the octoBox? Filters are the answer.

octoBox high speed data filters serve a key role in ensuring the isolation of the testbed. They pass the high speed data signals while rejecting the frequencies of wireless transmission. Rejection band starts at 700 MHz and extends to over 6 GHz.

octoBox filters include dual gigabit Ethernet with POE (power over Ethernet), dual USB, gig Ethernet/USB combination, HDMI and DC power. octoBox also supports the installation of a waveguide filter for feeding fiber optic or other non-conductive cables through to the devices inside.