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OBS-14 and OBS-15 High Gain Antenna Arrays

4-element MIMO antenna array brings 10 dB of extra link budget

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The octoBox® OBS-14 and OBS-15 high gain antenna arrays consist of 4 log-periodic high gain (HG) antenna elements that increase the link budget by about 10 dB vs. dipole antennas for each OTA (over-the-air) connection in the octoBox personal testbed; 20 dB for a link of two OTA-coupled devices, one in each octoBox.

OBS-14 antennas are optimized for 2-7.5 GHz frequency range. The smaller OBS-15 antennas are optimized for the 5-10 GHz band.



A ball joint on each antenna element allows precise pointing and polarization setting.

The antenna elements are mounted onto plastic rails and easily adjusted using plastic thumb screws to distribute around the walls and ceiling of the octoBox for optimum MIMO diversity or MU-MIMO gains

OBS-14_return_loss_full bandwidth OBS-14_return_loss_5-6GHz_band OBS-14_return_loss_2.4GHz_band


OBS-14, 15 dimensions OBS-14, 15 dimensions

The OBS 14 measurments are 5.0 inches long by 0.8 inches wide and the OBS-15 is 2.7 inches long by 0.8 inches wide. Indicator dimples on the antenna rail (right) are spaced at 1” intervals to aid in proper positioning of antenna elements.